Aidan Keane

Chancellor’s Fellow & Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science; Research Group Leader


skype: aidan-keane
twitter: @aidank

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School of GeoSciences,
University of Edinburgh,


Before I joined the University of Edinburgh in 2014, I was a Lecturer in Quantitative Conservation Science at Imperial College London. Prior to that I had carried out postdoctoral research into community-based conservation in East Africa at the School of Anthropology at University College London and the Institute of Zoology at the Zoological Society of London, and into patterns of bushmeat consumption in Madagascar at the University of Bangor. My first degree was in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and I obtained a PhD from Imperial College London, studying the role of enforcement measures in conservation.

Research Interests

My group’s research aims to benefit both the environment and human wellbeing by contributing new theory, evidence and practical tools for improving conservation interventions. The outputs of our research improve the ability of conservation managers to design interventions which are robust, informed by evidence and better able to address the challenges to conservation and human wellbeing caused by ongoing global change.

Our work is primarily funded by grants from NERC, DfID and ESRC and focuses on three broad themes: (1) understanding how people behave in response to conservation interventions; (2) measuring conservation impact; (3) developing better methods for studying sensitive behaviour. I am also increasingly interested in the role that experimental approaches can play in understanding conservation interventions.

Research Grants

  1. UK Natural Environment Research Council: Learning from observational data for environmental management. PI (Collaborators: EJ Milner-Gulland, Colin Beale, Simon Mahood), Jan 2016-Dec 2018.
  2. UK Natural Environment Research Council & Department for International Development: Coping with El Nino in Tanzania: Differentiated local impacts and household-level responses. PI (Collaborators: Katherine Homewood, Christine Noe, Casey Ryan), Apr 2016-Oct 2017
  3. UK Darwin Initiative: Investing in agroforestry options for forest restoration in Indonesia. Project Partner (Lead Institution: Burung Indonesia; Collaborators: RSPB, PT REKI, University of Kent), Aug 2016-Oct 2019

Peer Reviewed Papers

For a full list of my published papers, please refer to my ORCID profile or Google Scholar profile

Older projects

  1. Poverty and ecosystem Impacts of payment for wildlife conservation initiatives in Africa: Tanzania’s wildlife Management Areas (PIMA)
  2. Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Social Sustainability and Tipping Points in East African Drylands (BEST)
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