Elizabeth Stanyer

Lizzie’s dissertation research aims to understand people’s attitudes to growing food in cities.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanyer


I am a final year undergraduate of Ecological and Environmental Science, interested in human-nature relationships in urban environments, sustainability issues arising from food culture and understanding people’s interaction with environmental issues. Alongside my dissertation research, I am working on a Zero Waste Edinburgh project at the Shrub co-operative to organise events and workshops, as well as develop an internship program all supporting the growth of Scotland’s circular economy. I am also creating learning materials for primary school children about resource consumption and waste. In the near future, I hope to expand my knowledge of environmental impact assessments and natural resource extraction.

Project title

Exploring Edinburgh residents’ views towards urban food production within a broader global sustainability context

Project description

This project aims to understand people’s attitudes to growing food in cities, the role it plays now and in the future, investigating differences between those experienced in growing their own food and those not. It will draw upon plans outlined by the recent Edinburgh City Council’s Living Landscape project and the Scottish Good Food Nation Policy. Both these documents highlight the importance of increasing the number of people in Edinburgh growing their own food, improving access to growing space, and developing local food growing strategies.

The data will be collected through conducting surveys with the public, as well as interviews with community gardeners, allotment owners, people on the allotment waiting list and those leading Edinburgh’s local food movement.

This project hopes to contribute to discussions on building climate resilient cities, ecological urban planning as well as public attitudes towards food sustainability.


Aidan Keane (University of Edinburgh, School of GeoSciences)


BSc Ecological and Environmental Sciences