The Conservation Conflict Survey

Calling all conservation researchers and practitioners!

Conservation conflicts are damaging for both people and wildlife, and therefore there is much interest in how to manage them more effectively. In this survey we are trying to determine what types of interventions conservation researchers recommend as being most effective, and therefore those which should be prioritised most in different scenarios. In this survey we will present you with eight different scenarios which reflect real-world conflicts. For each scenario, please identify which of the given interventions should be prioritised.

To do so, you will be given one ‘vote’ per scenario. The results of the survey will be used to inform conflict managers and researchers regarding which interventions are deemed of highest priority in different scenarios.

The survey should only last approximately 7 minutes, and please be aware that you can stop participating at any time. This research has gained ethical approval from the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences Ethics Committee, and is being used only for Zac Baynham-Herd’s PhD research (supervised by Dr Aidan Keane, Professor Steven Redpath, Professor Nils Bunnefeld and Dr Tom Molony).

Please click here to take the survey:

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